How was it possible to live without maxi dresses until now? Luckily they came along and saved the summer trend and seemingly not only. It looks like this incredible design is here to stay for another season, and even more, it comes with bolder colors and patterns than ever.


It is possible that you have never imagined lace and maxi dresses in the same sentence, but they are bohemian, versatile and elegant. Keep an eye out for the hand-crocheted dresses. Although they seem to be easy to wear, there is something that you will have to keep in mind: always wear a slip under the dress unless you are looking for a major wardrobe malfunction.

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There has been a pretty special maxi created by Ella Moss. The shape of it will hug your figure, bringing the best out of it, making your legs look longer. The simple yet eye-catching stripes will add an edge to the look and you shouldn’t be surprised if you can stop traffic with this dress.

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Back to the basics

Retro is the new trendy, or so they say. There has been an amazing indie dress designed by Mod Cloth that is retro enough to be fashionable. In order to achieve the best look you should add a pair of oxford booties and you can be sure that you will be the best dressed girl no matter where you are.


In case you weren’t a big fan of maxi until now it is time to get in the craze and the best place to start at is Victoria’s Secret’s basic maxi skirt. The biggest advantage of the item is that it is just great for every body type and there are numerous colors available to choose from that are just great for the fall.

It’s all about the patterns

The best thing about the maxi dresses is that they are really comfortable and they are suitable for the majority of the body types. Besides this they also offer you the possibility to wear patterns uninterruptedly. In case you are looking for a special pattern, consider Deyrolle’s gown that has a vintage look. You can be sure that you will feel special in this playful dress.


In case you don’t really know what color to choose, just choose to wear them all. Opt for the dresses with stripes in the colors of fall.


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