School is right around the corner and this is why it would be time to spend some of the money that you have earned with your summer job on your new wardrobe. Naturally it’s not the same what you choose, so check out the hottest trends of this season.

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Colors, colors, colors

In every season there are some colors that are considered to be the hottest and in this season we have to prepare for jade green, rusty orange and mustard yellow. You will find these colors on every item, including dresses, shorts, handbags and flats. In case you aren’t really sure that they are suitable for you, you should try some accessories of these colors to see whether they are right for you in an inexpensive way.

Camo print

You might know that last season it has been trendy to wear military items, so it is no surprise that there is a comeback in the form of camouflage items. The secret of wearing these kinds of items is to find the right balance between costume and couture. Keep an eye out for those products that have the right elements, such as a sheer fabric and a modern shape. It is a kind of an unwritten rule to be wearing only one camo piece per outfit.

New silhouettes

In case you would like to have an hourglass shape, this is the right season for you, since the peplum silhouettes are back in business. These emphasize your waist so keep an eye out for dresses, tops and skirts, since this is one of the hottest trends of fall.

Although they might look really hot, most probably the trend doesn’t have a long life span so you should get a few less expensive items unless you are thinking about rocking this look for more seasons.

Plaids and dots

Plaids and polka dots are considered to be classic and they seem to be around in every season. Actually we can see them every fall, coming back in force. In case you would like to be trendy, all you have to do is to dig out the pieces from last year and maybe add some new items to your collection.

Colored pants

Last year we could see pants in all the colors of the rainbow and the trend is back for another season. This is a good and easy way to make an outfit more interesting.


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