In case you are a fashion conscious person most probably you know that every season comes with new color trends, and in case you would like to keep up with the trend, you should know more about them. It looks like the color trend for fall is really daring and it takes some courage to pull of these colors.


If we are talking about red in this season, you don’t have to be thinking about those mild and ‘coward’ reds. The red should be as red as it can be, cheerful and sparkling, such as oxblood red. In order to be able to pull off the color, you should consider the simple silhouettes to make the color less screaming.

Fall Winter 2011-2012(photo


Although it is known that mustard yellow is a major trend in fall, now we are talking about lemon yellow. In spring the pale yellow has been a major trend, but now we have to be looking for strong and bright lemon yellows.


Even though we might have gotten used to the strong and bold colors, there are also some color trends that are suitable for those people that don’t want to stand out in the crowd that much. You can find the glittery nudes and also the matte nudes on the runways.


This is a classic color for fall, and so it is no surprise that the designers opted for this color this fall as well. In case the color is used in the right way it can offer an extremely modern look that is hard to top.


Mustard yellow has been mentioned before, and this is something like it. This is one of those colors that came right off the red carpet. Most probably you still remember the gown of Michelle Williams. There are no boundaries for this color; you can have any piece of clothing of this color.


We’re not talking about just any green, but bottle green. Usually this color reminds people of the military style, but remember that the dresses and outfits of this color could also be very elegant. Also this is one of those colors that you could wear from head to toe.


Actually there are several different names for the same color, like eggplant or grape, but they all refer to the same rich color of purple that seems to be one of the star colors of this fall.


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