In case you take a look at the 2011-2012 fall collections you may see that numerous designers have opted for the Androgyny style. This has been present for some time now on the catwalk, and it looks like it has a strong comeback in this season.

Moschino’s Cheap & Chic has an interesting interpretation of the style, offering dresses with bows. Also Dolce & Gabbana have decided to add some masculinity to the collection through the tuxedo jacket.

Androgyny On the other hand Alexander McQueen seems to have been inspired by military jackets and coats of the Russian army.

There is nothing new about the unisex fashion styles and there have been both feminine and masculine extremes before. There have been numerous pioneer fashion designers during the 1950s and 1960s who have come up with the no-shape bathing suite, psychedelic patterns, miniskirt, topless swimsuit, thongs and transparent tops. During the 1980s there has been a masculine trend among women. In that period women have been wearing large men’s blazers.

Nowadays David Beckham has been the initiator of the metrosexual movement. On the other hand there has been Alexander Wang that has added men’s blazer along with other masculine features to the newest collection including T-shirts and cut-offs for women.

AndrogynyThe new trend has reached Europe as well, since Stefano Pilati and Nicholas Ghesquire also adopted the new style. The main focus of the collection created by Ghesquire has been ‘austere’, because he decided to move the clothing further from the body, enhancing the stiffness and structure to it and getting rid of all feminine nature from the clothes.

Chanel is also one of those designers from which people expect to see something big. The new collection got the name of Ready to Wear and this also has a huge focus on menswear. The collection has been presented during the Paris Fashion Week. While Dior has chosen to use bright and feminine colors, Chanel went for the black and charcoal colors. Nonetheless there have also been some other colors used as well, such as burgundy and winter white, but the main focus still remains black.

One of the most interesting outfits included a grey neck tie and a black trim at the waist and the collar that resembled a man’s shirt from the 50’s, accompanied by a boucle cardigan, grey trousers, leg warmers and black oxfords. What else could you be asking for?


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