You may know that every new season comes with new designs and new trends, and so it is no wonder you will be looking for the major trends at this period of year, when the fall season official begins.

In case you would like to be up to date with the newest accessory trends, there are two things that you will have to keep an eye out for. One of them is the feminine items that come with lace, pink colors and floral patterns. On the other hand there are the items that come with geometric designs. Naturally during this season we cannot forget about the scarves and a lot of people can be seen following the tartan trend along with a more elegant schoolgirl bag.

2011 Fall Accessories(photo credit:

Fuzzy bags

One of the items that have been the star of many catwalks is the furry bag. They were a major focus in case of the Isaac Mizrahi fashion show. The fuzzy bags have also been seen at other fashion shows as well, including the collection of Marc Jacobs. The same style has been adopted by Michael Kors. The bags have different characteristics, but the point is the same: to be furry and soft.

Elegant or not, feminine or not, the fuzzy bags are for you. Donna Karan also included them, although she has created a more feminine collection than the other designers.

Black sashes

As you can see the bags aren’t the only accessories that had a comeback; so did the black sashes. They have been a major focus in case of the Monique Lhuiller fashion show.

She isn’t the only one who though that these accessories are advantageous for women, and so the collection of Badgley Mischka also included the same black sashes.

Head wraps

Usually when people hear about head wraps they think about a certain cultures or regions. Nonetheless these items also made their way into the western civilization and it is considered to be feminine to wear them, as we could have seen in the collection of Donna Karan.

Ralph Lauren also included head wraps in his collection, but these have a totally different style than the one we have been referring to previously.


As the cold period comes, more and more women opt to have gloves to protect their hands. This is why Carolina Herrera has created a special design for those women who would like to be more stylish.


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