Rihanna is known for many different things, like the voice, but also for her charm and her sense of style. The latest two made her the perfect choice for the luxury fashion house Armani: from now on she is the official spokesperson for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans.

She has become a fashion icon quite some time ago and this hasn’t faded until our days. She also had a role to play in the beauty industry, taking part in the campaigns of Cover Girl and Nivea Skin Care, but it seems like she enjoys more being in the world of fashion for she managed to achieve a lucrative deal with Armani.

RihannaThere have been many rumors and speculations regarding her plans, but after a while she has revealed her plans through Twitter.

She said that her fans would never guess what she is doing at the moment – hint: Armani. The hint was everything but subtle and this was all that the media needed after she has been seen talking to Roberta Armani.

There have been numerous successful campaigns that she has appeared in such as the Gucci campaign back in 2008.

From now on she will represent Armani, being part of such a long list of other well-known celebrities, like David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal and Megan Fox.

An official statement has also been released by the fashion house saying that she is the new global testimonial for autum-winter 2011-2012. Even more, the fashion house also added that Megan Fox will not be replaced by Rihanna and that she will also appear in the ad campaigns of the next season. She will have a role to play in the Giorgio Armani beauty ads.

The new campaign will be started in September 2011 and we can be sure it will be just as hot as her hairstyle. The new campaign materials are shot in New York and the stars will be working with Steven Klein during the shots. Since the company has so many A list stars working with it, they can be sure that the new seasons will be very successful and also very profitable.

We can also expect to see many interesting shots and we have to be careful not to let the ads influence us to buy all that expensive clothing because we might not afford all that, no matter how nice they look on the stars.


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