It is almost an obsession to keep track of all the latest trends in the fashion world. Be it colors, clothes, accessories, cosmetics and everything else that is part of a person’s look, both men and women try to follow that “what is in”.

However, is that a personal style?  Are you really comfortable trying to carry off the way a celebrity looked or the look that you saw on the ramp during a fashion week. In most cases no, so how do you stay stylish and in trend?

Style Your Own Look(photo by queenblingerie)

You do that by being you. Dressing and creating a look for yourself that defines you and makes people say “oh it is so you”, is the way to go.

Plenty of times, one buys clothes or accessories that are in trend, knowing very well that they may never actually want to use the stuff. Then when they do, they end up feeling uncomfortable and gauche. It is one of the biggest style mistakes. Develop a personal style and incorporate a few elements of the in trend to create a truly stylish look.

A personal style will include your favorite colors and colors that suit your hair, eye and skin color, a dressing style that suits your body type and maybe certain accessories. It may sound retro but each person has there own suit of colors and can easily define it in terms of a season. Some are autumn, some spring and some summer.

You need to have your own style statement. It could be a certain color that is always a part of your outfit or an accessory that you always wear (like a pendant). Develop your own sense of fashion that will keep you unique. Even when you like a particular look of a celebrity, you saw on TV or in a magazine, do not try to copy that look.

Hundreds of others will be doing the same. On the other hand, choose certain elements from the look and give them your own personal twist to come up with your own fashion statement that might inspire others.

Style your own look by mixing things. You could choose an outfit in trend and accessorize with something vintage that has come down to you from your grandmother or mom to come up with an interesting look. Shop around for seconds or even borrow from your sister or friend’s wardrobe to create different looks.

The style mantra is to be you and to express yourself with the clothes and accessories you wear.


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