Fashion is often said to be for women, but let’s not forget about those men who would really like to keep up with the changes of the trends. In the next season there are some items that they have to keep an eye out for.


Mens Fall WearThis fashion house usually makes things in its own way, and this is visible on the latest collection as well. The jackets that have been presented are shorter and narrower coming with double-face cashmere and they are worn over gauge knits and relaxed flannels.

The major theme of the collection has been represented by navy or army green greatcoats with double-face cashmere. Also we should not overlook the gray shearling coat that has been one of the stars of the show.


In the last few seasons the collections of Valentino have been quite humble, but now it had a great comeback. The sportswear of the collection has been simple, but precisely cut. We could see a short beige trench with brown leather or a leather pea coat that has been inspired by classical clothing, but it came with black jersey.

The entire collection has been characterized by modern lines, luxury and inventive ideas. When looking for your next coat you should keep an eye out for simple and sculptural shapes and combine them with casual clothes.

Mens Fall Wear

Phillip Lim

This has been the debut of the new line, and the interesting thing has been that the press and the buyers had to do the walking, because it has been a static show. The main point of the collection has been the layering and the cutting. We could see sharp-cut wool jackets and suits worn over jerseys and sweats.

It was surprising to see the grey-looking cloths being combined with pops of color, such as cobalt blue and mustard, suggesting that there is a new direction regarding men’s fashion. In the future we might expect to see more relaxed and more romantic clothing.

In case you would like to mix tailored with casual, it is nothing simpler: wear an office blazer over knits, and make sure that you also have matching accessories.


In this new collection there have been double-breasted jackets that were tight and flowing in the same time, coming with voluminous trousers with sharp creases. One of the most surprising elements of the collection has been the appearance of the fedoras.


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