Fur has been a favorite over the last few seasons, but the winter/fall collections always pay a greater tribute to the luxury and warmth of fur. This year fur is in too. Real or faux, long or short fur is hot this season and every leading designer house has used fur liberally in their collections.

Even during the tough years of recession, the designers continued with their love for fur, producing lavish ensembles that were lapped by the privileged classes. The love affair with fur continued despite the poor economy. It is no wonder that with the renewing economy fur continues to rule the haute couture ramps.

Fur Trend Winter 2011(photo credit: millionlooks.com)

This season though designers seem to use fur more as trims. Fur has been used on collars, sleeve trims, sleeves, jacket or skirt hemlines to add glamour to an outfit. Long, short real or faux, all types of fur are used as trims to make an outfit luxurious. Fur adds a whole lot of warmth and glamour to any outfit. Of course…fur is popular not just as trims but also to design complete outfits, jackets and coats.

Overall, one can safely state that the trend is not to focus on fur but to accept it as a part of the collection. Fur detailing has become the highlight of the fall/winter 2011 collections presented by the leading designers.

Until last season, fur was used to bring back the retro look. Natural colors were in vogue during previous fall season, but the current season is flaunting dyed fur in bold colors. Unusual colors like red, blue, purple, green and their tones are a hot favorite.

Fur is being used to create entire ensembles this season. Fur adds luxury to accessories like hats or caps, bags, boots and gloves. You can go overboard with a complete fur outfit with fur accessories or add glamour to a non-fur outfit with fur accessories.

With the eco trend meeting the fashion ramps, faux fur is more likely to rule the scene this fall/winter season. However, leading designer houses made a compromise using real and faux in their collection in spite of PETA raising eyebrow.

It seems that the luxury crave makes a presence in the fashion world and if there are fashionistas ready to pledge their loyalty to faux fur, the ones with a taste for real fur will also have the possibility to indulge themselves. As the major trends dictate real or faux, fur will for sure rule the ramp.


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