Fashion icons have certainly been around for ages. Famous women which made a statement with their class have inspired the bag designers of the world to create amazing looking bags worthy of their names.

Here are the most famous iconic bags inspired by celebrities.

Gisele bag by Luella

Gisele bag by LuellaGiselle Bundchen was the hero of Luella so it is no wonder that the notorious bag was named after the super model that saved the company. The bag is surely cute and why not perfect fit for runway models and street prowling fashionistas.

Marc Jacobs’ Stam Bag

Marc Jacobs Stam BagThe “doll face” model Jessica Stam inspired Marc Jacobs to create a Chanel style quilted bag with beautiful details and antique looking detachable brass shoulder strap. Cute and stylish this is a celebrity favorite.

Sofia by Salvatore Ferragamo

Sofia by Salvatore FerragamoA classic bag inspired by the elegance of Sophia Loren, this is one of the most constant bags in the history of fashion. Its shape didn’t change over the years and the classic look makes it lovable as well as versatile.

Lady Dior by Dior

Lady Dior by DiorLady Diana was a true inspiring fashion icon as elegance is concerned. Dior created a small, elegant bag and named it Lady. As soon as the Wales princess started to wear it and showed to the world that this was her favorite bag, the bag became famous and remained so even after 20 years.

Kelly by Hermes

Kelly by HermesThe Kelly bag was originally designed to hold horse riding accessories. It became the beautiful bag it is today over the years and it entered the hall of famous bags when Princess Grace Kelly posed with it trying to hide the new pregnancy under the notorious bag. It may not be the most famous bag Hermes made but it is surely one of the most expensive and exclusive bags in the world.

Brigitte Bardot Bag by Lancel

Brigitte Bardot Bag by Lancel

The bag created for a celebrity in love with animals and against leather or fur, the BB bag is imitating its lovely inspiration. Delicate, sensual and lovely with its feminine shape and sexy details, this bag is the example how a free spirit can turn into iconic accessory.

The Birkin by Hermes

The Birkin by HermesYes…the Royalty of bags was also inspired by a feminine fashion icon. Created out of the need to find a roomy, yet elegant lady handbag for Jane Birkin, the Birking bag became iconic very shortly after its inspiring model started to pose with the black version of it.

Since then the bag has become notorious because it is the most craved celebrity bag and also because it takes a long time to receive it after it is ordered …not to mention that it comes with an outrageous price of $ 150 000.


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