The new collection of Karl Lagerfeld can be characterized by elegance, sophistication, high class and glamour and the best thing about it is that all this can be found at affordable prices.

One of the most popular marketing strategies of the moment is the designer-retailer collaborations, and one of the most interesting is the collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld and Macy’s capsule collection.

Karl Lagerfeld and Macys capsuleThere are numerous interesting pieces of the new collection and there is great emphasis on elegance and classicism. The best thing about the pieces is that they can be worn to many different occasions.

In case you take a look at the collection you will see that there are numerous all-black ensembles and this shows that it is an important part of the next season’s tendencies.

Among the recurring elements of the collection you will find flirty dresses, vests, high collars, elegant hosiery, tweed pieces and trench coats along with accessories such as gloves that make the collection even more elegant.

We might say that this new collection is the perfect combination of classicism, sexiness and feminine notes that gets a lot of attention through showing the infinite possibilities that a few well-chosen pieces can offer. The elegant pieces get in the center of attention in the moment when they are mixed with more casual elements, offering a rock chick look.

Such elements include fingerless gloves and leather pieces. The designer put a lot of emphasis on the waistline, making it look thinner so that the women wearing the clothes will have an hourglass shape.

We also have to add that the accessories are kept to the minimum. The only ones that have been used are the black pumps, silhouette enhancing belts, short necklaces and the fingerless gloves that have become the signature of the entire collection.

It seems like in this season the designer had a special preference towards the dark colored and slightly masculine style. Nonetheless there are also some pieces that are really feminine and that come in bright colors. Along the monochrome dresses you can also find floral prints in case you are one of those people who like to show the romantic side of their personality.

If you are looking for these items, you will be able to find them in stores all over the country starting with 31st August. The price of the pieces ranges between $50 and $170 and they will fly off the shelves.


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