Jeans are considered to be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. You can wear them for just any occasion; the only thing that you have to know is which style is the most suitable for your body shape.

Being a plus size

If you happen to be a few sizes bigger than you would like to be, then you should go for the sleek but not painted-on jeggings. In order to achieve the best results you should choose a dark wash but there should be no whiskers.

Best Jeans Tips

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This way you will have a thinner silhouette. In this situation you could go for the classic boot-cut design. Comfy cargos are also suitable for this kind of body shape. Also when being on shopping, you should keep an eye out for the jeans that have a control-top waist.

Being pear shaped

In case you are looking for a pair of jeans that would make you look taller and would do good things for your curves, then you should go for the high-waist designs. This way you can show off your waist and also you have the possibility to fake long legs. In case there is a little flare about the jeans, it will draw the eyes down.

Regarding the color, you should try the blue jeans with high-waist. The design should be cute and cropped in order to find the jeans that are suitable for your body shape. In case you are looking for a more elegant look you could try the trousers.

Jeans Tips For Men and Womens

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Being petite

If you aren’t really tall and you are also a bit curvy then you should go with the straight leg jeans that come in a darker color. This is because these kinds of jeans lengthen the silhouette. Also it is a golden rule that in case you would like to look taller, you should go for high heels with the jeans.

When shopping for the jeans you should be looking for a cool wash. Also the boot-cut jeans are advantageous for your body shape, because they make you look taller than you really are. Don’t forget that you can never go wrong with a slimming rinse.

Being tall

If you happen to be tall, you can make no mistake with the skinny jeans. Also in order to make the best of your figure, you should go with the tapered leg. You could opt for a seventies-inspired pair of jeans as well.


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