Being a good girl works out sometimes, but in certain situations women just feel the need to do something wild, to dress wild to express their feelings, their personality, and why not do so in style? If you have feelings of this kind, you should most definitely take a look at the Mulberry collection of Emma Hill.

The new collection presents the ‘life’ of a posh girl gone bad, that is most probably living in a manor, and who gets on her duffel coat over her evening dress just to go out and smoke a cigarette.

Mulberry Fall 2011The main idea behind the entire collection has been inspired by the English country look, but it turned out to offer women a whole new generation of styles for the fall. This might be the perfect look, since the company started out in the country, and at the moment it has a high-end bag factory there.

Nonetheless you shouldn’t think that the dresses weren’t created for true fashionistas. There is a lot of luxury in the dresses and there are also a lot of details to play around with. These include poacher pockets, quilting and velvety jumbo-cord.

It seems like the starts of the show have been those items that had a mulberry color. Apparently we will see a lot of berry and wine colors in the next season. Naturally there are also a lot of other colors to consider in the collection, like greens and purples, so for sure every uptown girl will find something that she will like in this new collection.

The Mulberry collection turned but to be more than just a bunch of clothes, it turned out to be art. There is a fall campaign that had as its start Julia Saner and besides the photos that have been taken, the campaign brought a short movie directed by Luke Losey.

The soundtrack of the short movie is ‘Animal’ by Miike Snow and this is more than just a simple movie. There are numerous different visual effects, 2D cut-out animations and also live 3D environment.

All this effort has been made to make the collection pop. The interesting thing is that in certain cases the clothes look like they are only the backseat for the bags that have been presented. Nonetheless we have to add that the dresses are pretty cool and they all have a stylish feminine side.


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