One of the leading styles of our days regarding summer fashion is the island style. You can see it everywhere: clubs, streets, the beach, and let’s not forget about the runways either. There are numerous well-known designers like Christian Dior, House of Holland and Marc Jacobs that offer women a great variety regarding this style.

In this season the Hawaiian print shirts are a must have for every woman, although in some cases they might have a bad reputation. Nonetheless there are some that have been updated, like the one from Forever 2, and you can wear them with confidence.

Island StyleTo achieve an unexpected pairing, tuck the shirt into a muted teal paper bag skirt. As a finishing touch add simple yellow ballet flats, leather cross body bag and don’t forget about the nude colored sunglasses.

In case you are going for a more feminine look, start dressing up by getting on a hibiscus print dress. Then add a simple blue cardigan, so that you won’t get cold during the night.

As accessories, add teal earrings and also a bangle set. Wedges are the symbol of summer, so don’t forget them at home. Find some that match the color of your skin. You can be sure that they are suitable for just any kind of outfit and they also elongate your legs.

One of the hottest trends of this summer is to wear bright shorts. Opt for the bright flower prints to get the signature look of this summer. Add a simple white button-up shirt that is a classic and that every girl should have in her wardrobe. Consider wearing it tied up to make you look even sexier in it.

Dream Vacation WearTo add some more color, throw in a turquoise necklace and a bucket hat. In the end, get on a pair of white floral sandals.

For another outfit you could be thinking about a pink, palm tree print top to go with a dark green maxi skirt. If you take a look at them separately, they might seem difficult to match, but together they are unbeatable.

Finish the look with simple white sandals and to get the perfect Hawaiian feeling, add some earrings in the shape of pineapples. You can also consider going for Women’s Swimwear and Delta Burke Swimwear.

You can also think about a bright colored dress with a pale pink jacket. Add a simple navy watch and also some grey wedges. In the end don’t forget to add a hibiscus flower in your hair.


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