Hello glamorous retro fall! The 40’s are back with all the sexy air they were so famous for. Since the last seasons sounded a bit repetitive this fall fashion trend comes as no surprise.

We loved vintage lace, delicate structures and natural fabrics last season so in 2011 we will love the haute glam of the golden age of Hollywood.

Perfect tea dresses with cute necklines deep enough to be sexy but tamed by a classic string of pearl are complimented by seductive hats and fur shawls while slim belts, pussy bow blouses and lovely polka dots are a constant present in the collection of all major designers.

Glamorous 2011 FallThe pencil skirt seems to be the ‘piece de resistance’ of this fall. Knee length is back and the lovely shape of this sexy skirt has a varied interpretation in the collections of the biggest designers of the world.

If Saunders chose to paint the skirt in the most daring colors, Gautier added a sexy touch to it with a thigh high slit.

Dona Karan added a distinctive American touch to the 40’s glamour. Nice tailored suits, amazing looking pants and fur details compliment the feminine figure and add a note of feminine power to the women.

Glamorous 2011 FallBig pants remain a constant through fall and beautiful button shirts and blouses are complimented by colorful fedoras and spectacular scarves.

Feminine dresses with underlined waistline bring back the fascinating style of the Hollywood divas. Gloves are the must-have accessory and if they are made of lace or decorated with fur they become even more fascinating.

Strappy heels and elegant shoes but also ankle boots in neutral colors offer a note of elegance to the trend.

As fabrics go, fluid structures meet amazing looking coats and faux fur is present everywhere in a large variety of colors complimenting the outfits.

The catwalk brought forth the good girl look but also the vision of the glamorous Hollywood divas.

Long silk dresses with deep cleavage, long velvet gloves and precious silk details bring a note of elegance redefining the entire concept of seductive woman perfectly conscious of her power.

Fashion remembers the 40’s and the studied elegance that conquered the hearts of those in love with black and white movies. Those years of fashion were all about underlining the female figure and showing the image of a diva aware of her charm.

The next season focuses on the same principles, however, the new 40’s are stronger, bolder in color, fascinating with class and more glamour than we could imagine and old trend could bring.


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