Colored denims are everywhere. They can be spotted on celebrities and are available at any self respecting denim store whether online or otherwise. Are people ready for these bold colored jeans? Do they look cool? Girls and boys are both seen sporting colored jeans so who do you think wears them better?

Plenty of questions, with answers in affirmative and negative depending on one’s opinions but regardless of what we may think these jeans are definitely the flavor of the season.

Choose from a rainbow of colors. Bright eye-popping shades or subtle toned down colors, there is something for every taste. The fashion encourages different colors for girls and boys, though some colors look good on both the sexes. The right choice of colors and combinations to go with them can help create a very trendy and yet stylish look.

Colored Jeans Girls vs. Boys Girls can wear almost all colors with confidence. The trick is to remember that colored jeans, especially bright colors are a no-no for wearing at office and other formal places. Maybe one can get away with subtle colors like grey or charcoal but girls who look lovely in red, pink, yellow, fuchsia, sky blue and even green jeans should keep them for more fun occasions.

Colored jeans need to be paired with not-over-the-top shirts and quieter accessories so that one does not look psychedelic. Understated combinations are safe to go with.

Colored Jeans Girls vs. BoysBoys could look for toned down and neutral shades like blues, grey, charcoal, olive green and mustard. The bolder ones can wear electric blues, fire engine reds and canary yellow but be warned, these are tricky colors and not all boys or men can wear them well.

Guys should team these colored jeans with solids and basic shirts to look well dressed. Avoid patterns and prints and combine a white shirt with any color of jeans to create a cool look. When wearing the bolder and brighter colors, pair those with neutrals like black grey and white to look trendy. Guys can try layering by combining jeans with a simple Henley.

For those who would like to wear more of their color jeans, grey tones are a better option. They can be worn at many occasions without raising an eyebrow. Grey is available in shades ranging from light grey to darker shades and mid tone shades are the best to choose from. Also when one chooses grey or black jeans, it is easier to pair them with an existing wardrobe.

Both girls and boys should avoid baggy fits and go for straights and slims to create a stylish look.


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