New season, new color trend, right? We have all gotten used to the colorful summer and it would be a pity to turn back to the dark, boring shades for the fall. But do not worry. It seems like the fall will be pretty colorful as well.

One of the colors that you may like in case you are into rough hues is the fire-engine red. Unlike the oxblood red of the last season, the red in this season is really bright and cheerful. Although this color works out for the majority of women, in case you are blonde, you might want to give it a second thought.

Color Trends 2011Another color that makes us think of summer is the lemon yellow. There are many different items that will come in this color, such as the sporty skirts and the tailored jackets. You will find great items for yourself regardless if you have a sporty style or a more feminine one.

Champagne is a really girly color. Although in the past there have been numerous nude shades, this time there is a little more glitter due to the fabrics. There are a lot of pieces of clothing made of gleaming silk.

There would be no real fall without the presence of the grey color. The looks of the new collections are really modern and they seem to make people associate grey with feminity although there are some dresses that are anything but feminine.

Another vivid color that you shouldn’t miss out on is marigold. It doesn’t matter whether it is just the background or the print, this season this is one of the star colors.

Do you remember the color from Michelle Williams’ Oscar gown? Bottle green usually makes people think of the military style, but still this is a really chic color. It is just great to be dressed in this color head-to-toe and its advantage is that it is suitable for the majority of women, regardless of the color of their skin, eyes or hair.

Plum. You could also say eggplant or grape, regardless of what kind of edible item you are thinking about, this color rocks this season. This is one of those colors you should make sure to wear in case you don’t want to blend in with nature’s colors in the fall. There are also some other colors that you might like, such as Yves Klein blue and fuchsia.


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