Accessories are the best friends of women. One of the most important accessories that is a must to have for us is the belt. They are great to spice our look up and they also help us create the illusion that we are suppler than we are in reality.

In case of the body-conscious outfits, the belt will strengthen your tall blazer reputation. If you are thinking about skinny belts you have to know that they are just great to add a touch of elegance in case of the breezy chic or clubbing attire. The belts are just great to play with the body measurements. They can also be used to draw attention upon yourself through opting for one with a statement design. Usually the wide belts are the ones used for this purpose because they add a glam look.

belts of 2011

If you happen to be facing a fashion dilemma, the belt is your best friend. They offer the quick solution for just any kind of problem you might have regarding your attire. One of the hottest trends of the season is layering. To achieve a more edgy look, use several belts in the same time, and make a fashion statement.

belts of 2011

If you are not a fan of the flashy look you can remain elegant by choosing those belts that come in complimentary colors for your attire. These will add sophistication, but remember that it isn’t a must to synchronize the different elements.

belts of 2011

Have you ever thought about wearing neon belts? This will add glamour to your style without making it too flashy and without taking the element of elegance. Nonetheless this new style might not be suitable for everybody because it means that you have to turn your back on everything that means traditional style.

It’s not only about the belt that you wear, but also the way you wear it. A really new trend regarding this offers a romantic look. To achieve it you will have to make a bow with the belt. Naturally this works out best for the velvet or satin belts.

Regarding the next season you must know that the trendiest belts will be the thick ones worn over chunky knits. A very good example for this is to wear a simple knitted dress and tights with a belt. Layering is also a good idea and to achieve the perfect look, you could also add a cardigan that is both stylish and warm.


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