It is a known fact that the majority of the young adults don’t really have a lot of money. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t dress according to fashion.

They just have to find those pieces that are trendy and which they can afford. Here are a few ideas how to find those items that cannot miss from your closet this summer.

Summer Wear For College BudgetYou can get a two-piece bikini, which is the key item for this summer at the price of $27.90 from H&M. Naturally besides this you will need a dress. There are numerous fashionable dresses at Banana Republic. You can find a nice and trendy pink one at the price of $150.

If you are trying to create a simple summer look, the flip-flops shouldn’t miss either. Look for the best ones at Topshop and you will find the bag to assort with the shoes at Volcom at the price of $35.

Not the look for you? Are you looking for something more elegant and feminine? Consider a black bikini at the price of $33 from Old Navy, a black and white dress with stripes at the price of $68 from Bar III and go for the black and white espadrilles from Castaner at the price of $250.

For the finishing touch add a hat that offers elegance to the look for $29.95 from Gap and a pair of sunglasses (a must for summer) costing $68 from Ann Taylor.

Are you looking for colors, colors and more colors? Consider a colorful bikini from Banana Republic at the price of $130 and a pink cardigan from DKNY Jeans for $69. You will also need shorts that you find for $49.95.

Having the right shoe is also a necessity, so keep an eye out for the blue ones from Talbots at the price of $99. Although it’s summer and you wish to spend the least money possible, don’t forget to accessorize.

Find the perfect sunglasses from Mango for about $34.90 and the right scarf from Gap that cost $29.95.

Summertime Wear For College Budget

You can achieve an original look if you add an uncommon item, such as a medieval poncho. You can find it at the price of $150.

Although you have the poncho, don’t forget about the bikini either, that is mandatory for the summer. Look for the ones with floral prints at Madewell and you only have to pay $90 for a two-piece.


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