For some people summer means vacations, relaxation, trips to the beach and so on, but for other, fashion-conscious people it truly means the appearance of the new clothing lines. This summer there seems to be a battle between the new look of the Stradivarius collection and Free People collection.

In case of the Stradivarius line the clothes are all about color. All these are here to take you from the boredom of everyday life and offer a tropical touch to your days. The basis of the new line is represented by the eclectic style tendencies of the 60s and 70s. The clothes are really feminine this season and they come in vibrant colors.

Stradivarius Glam The best thing about these outfits is that they are versatile while they still have their flirty and romantic vibe. The elements that you will find among them include the high waist dresses and tank tops with lively patterns or with a single color that will offer you comfort and a feeling of sexiness.

The patterns that you will find this season include the evergreen floral patterns, beachy nautical prints, not to mention the colorful stripes that bring summer to your wardrobe in an instant. All there is left for women to do this summer is to mix up all these elements and create their own style.

To achieve an original look you should be really open-minded and match the different shades and textures. This season you shouldn’t neglect the denim shorts either to get that casual chic style that you are looking for.

Stradivarius also offers you a wide variety of colorful accessories and jewelry and naturally you shouldn’t forget about belts either. Footwear and bangs also have been ‘reinvented’ by the clothing company to match the new clothing line.

Enough about Stradivarius, let’s move on to Free People. We might have gotten used to the style of this company. The latest collection brings numerous new colors and a lot of energy to the world of fashion. The characteristics of the new line include loose fittings and tribal prints, not to mention the beaded accessories.

Stradivarius Glamorous PeopleWhile Stradivarius focuses on feminine nature of women through ‘girly’ colors, Free People offers women the chance to be more casual, but sexy in the same time. The colors that are used also include browns, beige and nudes, that can’t really be found in other collections, making Primal Scream unique in some way.


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