In this summer there are two major trends regarding dresses that we have to take into consideration: the shirt dresses and the tail hem dresses that you might have seen on the runways oh-so-often.

It is said that the shirt dress is one of the most practical elements that a woman’s wardrobe could have. There are numerous advantages that the dresses have and one of the most important ones for a fashionista is that they are chic, not to mention comfortable and there are many different combinations to create for many occasions.

shirt dress vs tail hem dress

As an example, think about combining it with a blazer and heels and you are good to go to work. The same dress could be worn with flat sandals and an oversized bag for a trip to the beach.

In case you are thinking about such dresses for the office, opt for the neutral colors like beige, black or brown. The most well-known shirt dress is the safari style one, but the reserved earth tones don’t mean that you can wear these dresses only during the day. They will offer you the perfect retro look during the evening. These things are true for just any shirt dress.

Another material to think about regarding shirt dresses is denim. You can wear them during casual outings, and in order to spice them up, also add a belt. The most specific thing about the tail hem dresses is that the front is cut shorter than the back adding a touch of playfulness and sexiness.

The best thing about the dress is the two kinds of looks that it offers. In the back it is elegant and long, while in the front it is shorter and more revealing adding a sexy touch to your look. With the help of these dresses you don’t have to make any effort to look great. Just choose the one that you like and wear it with confidence.

Although there seems to be a battle between these two types of dresses, you have to remember that there is no rule saying that you can only have one or the other. Nonetheless it is possible that one of them will be more suitable for your silhouette, but you will know only in case you try them both. Each of them is a great alternative for the other, and they will make your wardrobe complete offering variety to your summer look.


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