Summer air is summer flair for fashion and as 2011 is concerned the bags and totes we loved last year can no longer accommodate our style.

The runway brought forward the nomad spirit but also the tribal air in a combination of nude colors and intricate fabric association. Bags speak of free spirited ladies prowling the street and trends come to rock the bag obsession world.

The trends surely seem to have found inspiration in the 80’s we loved so much and if some of the biggest designers focused on functionality, others challenged the adventurer in every fashionista.

Here are the top summer bag trends of 2011. Love them and take them out in the world. You will surely not go unnoticed.

Snake skin

Summer Bags Trends 2011

Obviously not genuine, since most of the designers support the faux leather current, the over the chest clutch goes large. Snake skin imitation in the most natural color converts in a practical bag, wide enough for shopping or cruising the streets. This one will make a statement with a casual outfit.

Natural fabric

Summer Bags Trends 2011

The free spirited summer of 2011 encouraged the presence of the bags made of natural fabric. Cotton, canvas and leather, crocheted totes with beautiful crafted details are out to show fashion’s love for mother nature. Elegant or simply fabulous you can find them in the collections of Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors or Moschino.

Shoulder strap

Summer Bags Trends 2011

The trend says: the longer the better. Small bags, large totes, colorful clutches, all go over the shoulder. Long straps in the largest variety of shapes make the bags comfortable to wear and give a delightful look to the fabric they are made of. If at Bodega Venetta and Derek Lamb the straps are long and thin, at Anna Sui they are wide and almost geometrical, but lovely ever the same.

The belt purse

Summer Bags Trends 2011

You have to love this one. Cute and practical, large enough to hold your must haves, small enough not to cramp your style, perfect for a walk , but even more for a shopping spree, the delicate purse gets a whole new functionality. You can take your pick from the collections of Jaeger London, Pucci or Diane von Fursternberg.


Summer Bags Trends 2011

If Cavalli made them part of his entire summer collection, there is no wonder fringes are a must have for the summer bags too. In the largest variations of length and thickness, colorful or simply natural, fringes are a trend you will love. Diesel made them long, Dior made them playful and Fulton gave them a disco style shine. You can surely find among them the fringed bag you will love to wear.


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