When summer comes and the temperatures are high, you might be tempted to show as much skin as possible. Well, I suggest you think again. Don’t forget that in case you consider yourself fashion-conscious you must realize that this isn’t really trendy, while on the other hand at some point it isn’t feminine either.

Also we have to take into consideration that the sunrays aren’t what they used to be anymore, and there are a lot of dangers to be taken into consideration. Skin cancer is one of the most feared conditions, and you should avoid it in case you cover as much of your skin as you can.

Sundress Trends 2011

There is need for a middle road and this is why one of the best solutions is to get a sundress. Some might think that these aren’t really fashionable and that they have come from another era, but you can be sure that you can’t get it wrong with these dresses.

In case you would like something not too simple, but not too flashy either, go for a dress with a simple silhouette, but one that has some kind of embellishment at the neckline.

Nothing is more appropriate for an innocent looking woman than an innocent looking dress. Opt for the bright colored dresses that you can find, and it is even better in case the dress is a swingy one, because it will be easier to bear the raised temperatures of the season.

Sundress Trends 2011

If you feel like white and the other bright colors aren’t really for you, you could opt for the bold colors, but remember that the dark colors might not work out that fine in the sunlight because they draw heat. The cut of the dress is also important and you should find the cut that is suitable for your body type.

You can achieve a bold and feminine look in the same time if you opt for the stripes. Although you have the feeling that these dresses have a retro look, remember that in this season horizontal stripes are really hot.

It is possible that you don’t mind the dress having a vintage look. In this case keep an eye out for the floral patterns, and the look of such a dress will surely be improved if the dress also has a belt.

This way you could accentuate your waist and achieve a more feminine and elegant look. The most popular colors in this case include red, orange and honeysuckle but also with bedazzled with embroidered lace and colorful floral prints.


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