The 2011 summer promises an infusion of styles able to fit any taste for fashion, however if you are one of those girls believing that a “piece de resistance” can save a look you should consider the top elements recommended by the most famous fashion houses for this season.

The key wardrobe elements of this summer are able to make an impression on their own. Carefully chosen by the designers some of them are reminders of the 70’s glory, some bring back the sweet simplicity of the casual wear while others support the woman’s dream to be the sexiest creature alive.

Here are the must have summer fashion notes for a trendy fashionista:

Summer Wear

Palazzo pants are a sweet reminder of an age when fashion was all about style. Wide legged pants, in the largest variety of colors, perfectly cut to make your beautiful legs endless must not miss from your summer wardrobe. Whether you go for Asos tailored look or for Top Shop disco style Persian print pants, make sure you let your hair down and think romance.

Summer Wear

Stripes are back with a rave of colors. Although nautical look is the predominant one, you can choose from the largest variety of striped structures on tees, dresses, skirts or accessories. Net-a-porter offers you everything from clothing to bags all striped, while Mango combines different stripe structures for a bold look.

Summer Wear

Get loud with pop colors on clothing and accessories. You must have at least one item in the daring neon colors. Electric blue, neon green, sparkling orange are all star colors. Make sure that you combine them smart and you will catch the eye of everybody.

If neon clothing is too much for you, you can spice up your look with colorful accessories. Zara offers you colorful bags while Alexis Bittar brings color block jewelry to compliment your summer style.

Fashionable Summer Wear

Sheer is in and you can have it in veil or lace as long as you display some sexy underwear under it. Make sure you choose neutrals and if you like to make an impression, black lace lingerie is what you need. A sheer blouse is a must have for this season and you can choose one from Valentino or Gap.

Fashionable Summer Wear

Let it rain with flowers. Floral motifs should go all over you. Get an all floral maxi dress, a floral skirt, a flower power blouse. Cover yourself with flower motifs and shine.

Summers speaks from the large variety of fabrics, through spectacular flower prints which make every woman more feminine than ever. Have yourself a lovely flower print outfit from Rodarte, Free People or Rebecca Taylor.


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