If you were asked which piece of clothing is the most versatile, what would you say? In case you are really into fashion you would answer ‘This is an easy one: jeans’. Bingo! There is nothing more universal than the jeans and they could be worn with almost any kind of clothing piece.

Their advantage is that there are numerous different styles to achieve with jeans.

In case you would like to spice your jeans up a little, there are many ideas to use. Think about adding a strong-shoulder jacket. This way you could achieve a feminine look even while wearing skinny jeans. To complete the look, just opt for a simple tank top.

High Glam Look

It’s not only the jacket that could make all the difference for a look. It’s not enough to have jeans on your legs, your feet should also make a statement. If you would like to keep the rest of the look simple, you need fabulous shoes.

You could be thinking about knee-high leather boots that have a color that easily catches the eye. Remember that this works only in case there isn’t anything else flashy about your look.

Boots are great, but let’s face it: they weren’t designed for the summer. During this season you might want to opt for some other kinds of shoes, but make sure that you truly make a statement with them.

If you think you have found the perfect pair, roll the jeans up so that the entire world would see that you aren’t afraid to go bold.


It is possible that one single style isn’t enough for you, and in this case it is best to combine the styles. For example you could go for the new and old styles. To achieve the perfect look you could opt for simple skinny jeans that are so popular in our days and a lace top. To make the best of the top wear a nude cami underneath and you are good to go.

You don’t necessarily have to go with the skinny jeans to make a fashion statement. You could also opt for trouser jeans. These are quite simple and you could combine them with a simple shirt and a simple bolero.

Hmm… something is still missing, right? Oh, don’t forget to accessorize. In such a case you could be wearing several necklaces in the same time, but remember that they should all have the same style.


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