In case of many people summer is like a breath of fresh air. We get the chance to go out and to spend some time in the nature. Also let’s not forget that from the fashion’s point of view this season is really important because it comes with new demands and also needs from the part of those wishing to keep up the pace.

It is time to forget the elaborate and elegant clothing this summer, because it is all about being casual and comfortable. The simpler your dress is, the trendier you look.

For example in case you would like to take a walk at the beach, it is a must to wear black monokini doubles under denim shorts. If you would like to spice your look up, also add a white button-down shirt that you should leave unbuttoned. As a finishing touch add a bag with floral prints, trendy sunglasses and don’t forget about the turquoise gladiator sandals either.

Beach Trend 2011

It seems like the denim shorts are a must for this season. Their advantage is that they can be combined in numerous different ways to achieve a casual look. You could always opt for a loose T-shirt. When going to the beach don’t leave your black bikinis home either.

To complete the look, choose sunglasses, metallic colored Havaianas and a large bag that has some kind of print to add some interesting touch to the whole outfit.

You might not be the denim shorts kind of person, but you could be thrilled by the glamour of the 80s. In such case keep an eye out for the dresses that come with numerous flitters.

Beneath the dress you should have the perfect swimsuit, as colorful as possible. In the end don’t forget that acid colors are really popular this season, so you could opt for green aviators. Instead of a bag you could use a shopping tote, and regarding the shoes, you should keep it really simple, so just wear black Havaianas.

The more romantic styled girls should stick to the dresses, for instance a cute little pink dress. In this case it would be just perfect to wear white bikinis with some metallic accents.

A wide brimmed hat would accentuate the look and it would also protect you from the sun. Don’t forget about the white bag and the white Havaianas either. Finish the look with some metallic accessories, coming with a heart shaped charm.


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