Have you wished to wear heels but are not comfortable with the idea of wearing stilettos? Well here is a fabulous solution that gives you the promised height and yet takes care of your comfort too… the wedges.

With spring here sandals are the flavor of the season and the wedge sandals are just the thing to be seen in.

Spring Shoes 2011

Wedges are similar to platforms but slimmer. They come in varying heights from small, to medium to high heels. Now you can add those coveted extra inches and yet not lose your comfort in the bargain.

Those who are not very comfortable with heels will have no fear of tripping or twisting their ankle with wedge heel sandals. They are the perfect option, to keep your feet cool, even as you flaunt them after the cold winter.

Sandals can be worn through spring, summer and most of fall so they are a great investment too. If you are on a budget you can pick neutral colors like white, black, suede or beige as they will go with all your outfits.

If you are dying to pick colors, pick one that will go with plenty of outfits in your wardrobe, no point in spending money on stuff you will use once in a blue moon. Stretch that dollar by being able to wear your wedges plenty of times.

Remember to pair your wedges with long skirts, flared skirts, short skirts, wrap-a-rounds, shorts, sundresses and …practically anything that is not cut slim. Wedges look completely out of place with slim fit pants, pencil skirts and tight fitting clothes.

Beautiful wedge sandals from leading designer houses can be had for a bargain if you know the right places to shop – target stores like Payless and online stores like Piperlime too.

Pick Dolce Vita designer wedges for as low as $30 at Target. Piperlime.com has a wide range below $100, starting as low as $20. So indulge yourself and get wedge sandals to add chic and style to your outfits.


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