One of the most important accessories of spring 2011 is considered to be the sunglasses.

These items have gone through some changes in the last seasons and the most popular designs of this period seem to be those retro sunglasses that you might have already seen.

Summer Sun glasses Trends

There is almost no designer that doesn’t have a line of these and this fact is extremely advantageous for the fashion-conscious people because they have a wide range of products to choose from.

The boldest characteristic of the retro sunglasses is that they seem to be a bit oversized.

In the same time this might be considered an advantage because these shapes and sizes are suitable for the majority of the face types, although the heart-shaped faces have the most to gain from wearing these items.

Sunglasses Trends

Besides the shape, the color is another characteristic that makes the retro sunglasses stand out. The monochromatic products draw a lot of attention to the face and they can be worn in combination with other colorful accessories.

Perhaps you are not one of those people who can settle for just one color. In this case you might choose from numerous different patterns, which might include traditional ones, like animal and flower prints.

Up to this moment, there are some unseen patterns available that come in the widest combination of colors.

Although the retro sunglasses seem to have been created only to become an accessory this might be the perfect way to protect your eyes from the light. So why not be stylish while you are doing it?

Consider adding to your collection several pairs of sunglasses so you will be able to wear them according to the mood and also in perfect harmony with your fashionable outfit.

The retro sunglasses are your chance to add a funky chic note to your entire look. Keep in mind to match their frame design with the style you are wearing and focus on approaching a hairstyle that will emphasize their cool air.


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