Forget the skinny pants and jeans!

The spring/summer trend is all about the famous Palazzo pants. They are wide, sexy and comfortable; therefore we can expect a glorious season of colors and shapes.

The Palazzo pants are the pants which anyone can wear. They are good for curvy girls, as well fit for girls in shape.

Plazzo Pants

The wider trousers, the better: This is motto of the fashion designers, which embraced the idea for creating more comfortable clothes for their fans. The good news is that Palazzo pants are now in all kinds of colors, so you can upgrade your wardrobe with wide colorful trousers for the spring.

Don’t hesitate to choose bold colors. Pink, red, blue and yellow are the bespoke colors of this trend, so go for them.

As for the fabrics, they are lavish and luxurious. The satin Palazzo pants are now more than welcome, for they create a feeling of elegance and class. The floral motifs are also welcomed.

Take a look at Dolce&Gabbana’s latest collection. The designer duo is offering great floral and float versions of the Palazzo`s style. Don’t hesitate to wear leopard prints. They are modern and not to mention, sexy.

Palazzo Trousers

The accessories that fit the Palazzo trousers are many. Start from chunky heeled sandals that reminds of the 70`s. The tops and tunics are also good suggestion. The oriental-style tops go great with a pair of colored Palazzo trousers, so go for it.

The belts should be large, but forget the dark colors. Go for bright belts – yellow, red or white. The bags should be large and impressive. Take a look at the Fendi`s bag collection for the summer, which is a great one, especially if you choose to wear Palazzo pants.

Versace and Topshop offer black wide trouser with white jackets, so if you want a more classic look, don’t hesitate to choose the eternal black/white combination.


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