With vacations around the corner, it is no surprise that women are hankering for the spring summer 2011 collection of swimsuits and bikinis.

Irrespective of time or place the fashion conscious don’t want to be caught in a fashion faux pas with out of style outfits. This remains true and more so on the beach and around the swimming pool.

Swimwear 2011

This year’s collection is out and there is lot to love and rave about these beautiful designs. The one thing that strikes first is that vintage can never go out of style.

Subtle cuts with clean lines and maximum coverage will never go out of style and the shy women can opt for vintage swimsuits and bikinis without a second thought. Vintage bikinis that sport subtle colors, ruffles and cute prints are all in for this season.

Cut out swimsuits are still in vogue, so you can use some from your last year’s collection. Add a light colored or crochet swimsuit to your cut out collection to turn all heads as you stroll down the beach or relax on the pool deck.

Swimsuits 2011

Some of the other trends spotted on the ramps included ruffles in varying sizes. Be it small dainty ruffles on the necklines, a row of them down the middle of a bathing suit or even as borders for the tankini are out to conquer hearts.

Really small ones that cover the entire bikini top or those slightly bolder ones that can be tiered in layers on the bottom, the ruffles can really make you look trendy. Choose your favorite ruffle style to flaunt this season.

Another hot favorite were the shoulder bikinis. This seductive style draws from the dresses and looks lovely.

They may not be comfortable to swim in but are definitely among the best styles to flaunt. So if you are on the beach or pool to just relax, the shoulder bikini is the style to go with.


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