Beautiful bright pops of colors created a riot on the ramps this year, when designers like Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera, John Galliano and Haider Ackerman displayed their spring collection for 2011.

Bold and bright colors are the next big thing, be it the dress, accessories or footwear. The designers have created designs with contrasting bold colors, complimenting bold colors and even bold colors set off with neutrals.

Spring Fashion

Bright is in. You could go all the way or incorporate it in smaller bits for the details are the way to brighten your spring wardrobe and hope that their cheerfulness will add to your life.

You could look for t-shirts, knits, shoes, flip flops, sandals, slippers, purses, totes, handbags, clutches, belts, necklaces, bangles, sweat shirts, skirts and dresses… you name it.

You will find the latest designs in bright colors like reds, purples, shocking pinks, lime greens, orange, turquoise, bright sunshine yellow, a range of pastel shades, blues, fuchsia and every other bright color.

These colors not only add brightness to the clothes but also bring with them their innate cheerfulness.

Another trend that was noticed on the ramp was the use of Asian inspiration. Top designers have used Asian detailing in their creations. Traditional detailing from the Far East was used liberally and with panache.

Tassels, floral embroidery, obi belts, Chinese silhouettes, satin embroidered with floral designs and frog closures were seen on creations of all leading design houses. The traditional silhouette from China was a favorite and was used by most of the leading designers.

Actresses like Anna May Wong and Maggie Cheung have been the inspiration for these traditional looking dresses that are detailed with oriental embellishments.

Designers have been inspired by their 60’s look and have brought in vintage with their new creations. These oriental inspired dresses too could not stay away from the bright colors, in vogue this season.


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