The spring is here and with it the opportunity to mix and match. Out of the spring trends ruling the scene the one with the coolest attitude is the glam punk. Shiny details, biker notes, fluid tops and leather pants are what define this cool girl look.

The so called New York doll image is all about creating the look of a confident woman. Being sexy is not necessarily about wearing flowers and lace and nothing proves this better than the glam punk.

New Spring Fashion Trends

Born out of the need to create a woman perfectly conscious of her charm and confidence this bold style steps forward creating a warrior goddess dressed in leather and strong colors, wearing detailed accents and clunky footwear.

Balenciaga, Acne and Balmain created the image of a sexy street walker, not afraid to show some skin, wearing studded details, biker jackets and most of all the kind of attitude you would not want to challenge.

New Spring Fashion Trends

The style is both cool and versatile fitting any woman daring enough to assume style notes that are all about making her stand out from the crowd.

The boyish pants can be combined with fluid tops with impressive details. Contrastive colors rule the outfits and make the silver studs look even more impressive.

New Spring Fashion Trends

The New York doll look is quite impressive considering that allows a versatile combination of unexpected elements. The studded biker jackets combined with silk tops or colorful dresses are certainly something cute and interesting to wear.

The shoes are perfectly fit for the free spirited girl. High heels, biker boots and casual platforms look awesome combined with boyish pants, sexy ripped shorts and fish net stockings.

Detailed accessories, wavy hair, cropped hairstyles and smoky eye makeup are also part of this look. Make sure you add confidence and attitude and wear your bold outfit like you are the queen of the street.


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