The runway may dictate drastic changes from season to season but when it comes to street chic, the casual look is the one who rocks. Wearable trends and casual lines met this spring to create the opportunity for a trendy outfit with sexy notes and flower infusions.

Spring Casual Look

The celebrities are showing their skin and so should you. Smooth fabrics meet vivid pastel colors and details easy on the eyes. Every outfit stands out by one or two items which are either colors or patterns making the casual look to sparkle.

The major designers encourage us to use the casual items we know and love every spring but in the same time to add something specific from the trends of this year.

Spring Casual Look for College Fashionistas

As a conclusion you can wear maxi dresses, colorful pants, cute tops and shorts provided you combine them with one of the spring trends from the catwalk.

Spring calls for flowers. The colorful flower patterns were present in the collections of all major designers and if you are a “casual meets boho chic” kind of a girl, be sure to match your long fluid dress with a jeans cropped jacket or a lace cardigan.

Spring Casual Look for College Fashionistas

Dresses are on for the casual look of this spring. If you have legs to show, dare and wear short dresses. They come in all shapes and sizes with delicate layers, crafted details, well defined waste lines, strapless or short sleeved.

Spring Casual Look for College Fashionistas

Shorts are still on for this spring. Jeans, cargo or tweed, sporty for days, classy and elegant for night, the shorts can be worn anywhere. Colors go from white to navy and they can be combined with the most stylish top or with the most casual tee. You can be bold and add to the ensemble a boyfriend jacket and a daring hat.

Wear spring boots, platforms and moccasins, combine nude shirts with colorful pants, wear something blue and don’t be afraid of light sunny colors.


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