Planning a vacation in the spring break and looking for a new wardrobe? The latest spring break fashion is breathtakingly simple. Leading designers have come up with simple yet elegant dresses, tops, skirts, jeans and long frocks to make your spring break fun.

croquet dress

These dresses have clean lines and are perfect for a casual vacation. One could take a look at the nautical flavor this season. Whites and blues, stripes and anchors, they are all there to woo you to the seaside.

maxi dress

Most of the spring break fashion dresses are “smushable”, a.k.a. you can just stuff them into your backpack or suitcase and run off for a vacation. Also they are very photogenic ensuring that your vacation pictures look smashing.

polka dress

Smart, elegant and yet casual, they are the perfect things to carry for the spring break. Choose from a wide range of designer stuff from the leading designers – sundresses, navy calypsos, polka dot dresses, psychedelic prints, shibori dresses, wraps, maxis, minis, pleated frocks and much more to go crazy about.

pleated dress

Clean simple lines combined beautiful with a range of prints, stripes and dots are the perfect choice this season for that spring break you have been waiting for.

shibori print dress


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