Sensual and elegant, the pajama has become the perfect outfit for a social event. This spring the boudoir wear proved to be a source of inspiration for all the international fashion houses of the world. The spring 2011 encourages the feminine charms to reveal their beauty from under sheer seductive fabric, smooth lace and satin, little kimono dresses.

For spring-summer season 2011, the designers approached the casual touch of the pajama with the lovely prints and combined it with seductive elements the types of corsages, veils, luscious and sheer textures.

pajama trend

The fine white or nude textures underline the figure bringing inside the casual look a note of shaded sexuality. Etro, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chloe and D&G are the designers which inserted in their spring-summer collections the clothing inspired by the casual bedroom time outfits.

They have offered to the fashion world cute rompers, wide pants, striped shirts, embroidered tops, satin shorts and floral prints of different sizes.

In spite of the casual look resembling the every night pajama, the catwalk did its best to add a touch of elegance and refinement to this lovely ensemble. The pajama inspired fashion items are made of fine fabric, accessorized with luxury items – the likes of precious leather bags, high heels and fine jewelry.

pajama trends

The celebrities have embraced the trend with high interest as they were not shy to put on their fashionable pajama style outfits while walking on the streets or even while attending important social events. Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, J-Lo and Kylie Minogue were just a few of the famous ladies approaching the trend with confidence.

In the vision of the biggest fashion designers, the intimate night wear can be a piece de resistance for both day and night. The satin shorts combined with a fluid top and a pair of high heels can become an original party outfit. For the day street walk the satin tops can be matched with jeans and a casual cardigan.

The question is: would you dare and wear something like this?


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