The London Fashion Week brings back nostalgia with old school attitude. Some of the leading design details include modern floral prints, pleats, spots and knits.

art world florals

Floral prints have been used with a modern twist. Used as impressionistic artwork, realist prints or even digital flora, flower prints are here to stay. When used with modern silhouettes, they create a fresh look which is feminine too.

Animal prints have been popular for some time now and the Dalmatian spots are the flavor of the cold 2011 season. The dots whether Dalmatian, sequined circles, fur pom poms or even polka dots are the current rage on the ramp.


Another hot favorite of the next season is knits. Different weaves and knits are being extensively seen on the London catwalk, be it designer dresses or accessories. The popular knits being used are macramé, cable knits and even jacquards. The unusual use of these knits makes it very enchanting. Macramé has been used for sweaters and cable knits for trenches.

Sharp edged pleats have also caught the fancy of the designers and have been used to give couture details to the school girl uniform look.

Unusual high gloss fur was also a popular choice along with pony skin. Gloss fur was used as unusual embellishment for evening wear and the pony skin provided a luxurious look.


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