We love John Galliano. It is not news that he is as non-conformist as he is outstanding in his mission of making fashion more than just fashion.

He has been “married’ to Dior House of Fashion for many years and it seems that the “marriage” could end because of an unfortunate event that lately occurred on the Paris Café La Perle.

john gallianoThe designer was accused of anti-Semitism, offensive and racist conduct by a couple who was present in the café. It seems that Galliano was enjoying a drink at the famous café when he suddenly and apparently unprovoked, verbally attacked the couple in question proliferating insults.

The couple was offended and called the police which of course came and arrested Galliano. Dior chose to suspend its designer at least for the duration of the investigations and the evil talk of the fashion world concluded that this was a little…too well …orchestrated to be true.

This conclusion comes from the decision of the Sun – the newspaper that released the incriminating video filled with terrible things proliferated by Galliano – of choosing not to declare the date when the video was filmed.

If you take a step back and look at Galliano’s conduct, lifestyle and social status, you will have to agree that something was calling for it.

There are witnesses from the café which stated that the couple insulted him first while he was just having a drink saluting some friends.

Galliano’s lawyer said that he will do his best to prove that this is all a big scam especially because the designer did not make a scene and followed the police without any protests.

However, under the current circumstances it seems that Paris fashion week will suffer from the absence of Galliano at the presentation of the ready to wear Dior fall-winter 2011 collection. Dior was very firm about the decision because the house has a very strict policy regarding such behavior.

The whole affair is a bit …strange. Why? Well…simply because Galliano is not your regular eccentric. His attitude has degenerated over the years and he was often seen drunk in the same Paris café involved in this incident.

The controversial designer might be a genius but he is also a very outspoken person with a taste for spectacular and not quite orthodox opinions.

Could his lifestyle cost him fame and maybe the career?


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