The German brand Еscada is back on the fashion top after facing some difficulties in the recession.

The company has completed its goal successfully – to create a fantastic fashion collection that is going to turn back the previous fame of the brand.

escada campaign

The new collection for spring 2011 combines functionality, chic and exclusive design. The earth tones and the prints are a major part of Escada’s new collection. The beige, brown, sepia, red lava and the blue sea are the colors of the new season. The dresses are balanced and simple, yet elegant and accessorized.

The hot and sexy Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana, known more as a successful model for Victoria Secret, made her second appearance in the advertising campaign for the spring / summer 2011 collection of the German brand.

isabeli fontana

The photos are the work of one of the most famous international fashion photographers – Peter Lindbergh. He has made a real furor with his Escada campaign. Yet, the spring-summer collection of Escada confirms once again the trend of this year’s reviews on the world fashion forums. The line of the clothes is futuristic and colorful.

The designers drew their inspiration from the wild nature of Africa for the colors are the reminiscent of the nature there – soft tones of the desert sand and hot sun, contrasting with the emerald blue ocean.

The fabrics are light and airy, bringing a delicate touch to the skin, while falling freely or draped around the body.

escada 2011 collection

The vision is complemented by amazing accessories – bags and shoes with lots of stones and exotic items.

The overall mood of the collection is very fresh expectation of the upcoming summer. At last, Escada has proven its place on the world fashion scene as a leading trademark.

That’s why this collection is called the best ever made by the German brand especially because it represents the contemporary woman and her wardrobe.


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