Nobody doubts that Paris is the capital of fashion and this last fashion week surely brought in front of the world the very best of Fall-Winter 2011. Still none of the collections took up so much ink space as the one of Dior.

dior 2011

In the absence of Galliano, the crowd outside the show was carrying a sign saying “The King is Dead” and it seems that Dior considered that a tight security was in order for the things to go smoothly. To the relief of the large number of police lurking around the Rodin Museum, the spirits did not stir up and the show went smoothly.

Sidney Toledano – the president of Dior took upon himself to share with the public the painful task of Dior that was forced to terminate the contract with its lead designer. A large speech focused on the scars of Holocaust and the mistake Galliano made staining the Dior name rather shaded the collection that was saved only by the personal genius of the banned designer.

dior collection

The show missed Galliano’s directions for hair and makeup but the work of his team of designers left many hearts longing. The amazing combination of blues and purples complimented by faux fur, long coats and elegant heels were surely marks of his genius.

Beautiful fabric, from sheer to shiny, feminine textures, elegance and delicate style could all be found all over the collection. Soft, lady like hats combined with a dandy look underlined the vision of Galliano’s designer team.

dior fall

Dior considered fit to push in front of the audience the entire atelier team to take the fame walk replacing the designer. However the design team did not make an appearance out of solidarity with Galliano.

The show brought the brilliant air of Galliano but the presentation had nothing of his genial taste for outstanding. The hair and makeup were extremely feminine but sort of behaved and the whole air of the show was far from what we expected from Dior.

It’s like they didn’t only get rid of the designer but also erased every memory of his presentation style.


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