Mango is one of the most wearable European brands. The Spanish retailer has proved over the years that no matter how abrupt are the trends, translating them in the universal language of the every day fashionista is the right thing to do.

Spring-summer 2011 brings us a lady like Mango flavor. With Scarlett Johansson as a flag bearer, the collection has proved once again that the feminine notes and the classic lines can combine vintage with glam and shine a whole new light over the idea of spring fashion.

Brand Mango and the Latest Fashion Trends

The Mango spring- summer 2011 collection amazes with delicate retro air which makes us dream of the 60’s. Full skirts and volumized dresses, flare pants with classic cut and delicate prints present on anything from tops to jackets, are a lovely sight for the fashionable eye.

The Mango lady of the spring is an active woman fond of the smart casual easy to wear style. The nude colors are the predominant note in the collection and strong accents of green, navy blue mixed with stripes, flowers and graphic designs come to create the woman not afraid to conquer hearts.

The chromatic is mainly focused around a pastel base with vibrant touches of orange, solar yellow, emerald green and intense salmon. Since monochromatic outfits are something all of us love at least once in a while, Mango proposes to dress us up in one color from head to toe.

The shapes are all about making a sexy but elegant female figure. “A” shaped outfits made of fluid fabrics, long dresses and skirts, and extremely feminine details are something very distinct in this Mango collection.

The 70’s air is felt inside the collection too. Tall waistline, deux-piece, shorts, blazers and denim accents are all present.

The accessories are following the same pattern and through the rich vibrating colors they can make any outfit a fashion feast.


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