The spring knocks at the door, so the fashion scene is changing. It is time to get your new spring trench coat. The trend this spring is all about bright colors and luxurious fabrics. In case you want to grab the whole attention, just choose a lacquered leather trench coat in bright red.

leather trench coat

It is a bold decision, but a very modern choice for the spring. The length of trench coat isn’t very long.

short trench coat

Short coats are fashionable and sexy, therefore hide the long coats in your wardrobe and upgrade your style with the new length. If you are fan of the classy coats, choose a satin coat in neutral color.

white coat

Check out Chanel’s latest collection for more lavish coats. If you want to be a modern princess, go for a coat with a large belt.

This way your silhouette looks tinier and sexy. Go for a white coat and a large black belt. It is a combination that will always bring more admirers to your style.

trench coat

The high heels are must have, in case you are searching for the right accessories. The big hat and the black gloves are also recommendable. Don’t forget to experiment with the colors and get your bright spring trench coat.


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