2011 will go under the sign of tight shirts with transparent elements, fine, free falling sheer fabrics and veils. The sheer skirts and pants are among the most fashionable items of the year, especially if worn together. The transparent layers are sexy, but yet eccentric.

floaty layers

The colors should be vibrant and bold, but the classic remains the same – black transparent dress will always be modern.

The fashion experts recommend transparent lingerie. Try the sheer lady boxers or underwear sports instead of strings. This will certainly create a more elegant appearance. The so called floaty layers are also an item, so consider updating your wardrobe with a sexy dress made out of floaty layers.

black dress

Badgley Mishka and Burberry are the two fashion companies that have released a special summer collection fill with transparent layers and sexy mini dresses. The accessories also matter, so go for long necklaces and large cocktail rings.

badgley mischka

Of course the high heels are an absolute must-have to combine with the transparent outfits this summer. If the transparent layers are too bold for you, just add a transparent detail as a supplement to your daily clothing. A sheer accent is enough to add elegance and femininity to any outfit.

burberry prorsum


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