It is obvious that fashion week is all about experiencing couture and all that is haute about it. NY fashion week is certainly the less expected not to shock.

In spite of so many amazing wearable fashion trends we can expect for 2011 fall, the fashion week brought also the best in what you should wear to be sure you make an impression.

ny fall 2011

Philip Lim shared a drop of his genius in creating perhaps the sportiest natural look for fall. He allowed unexpected textures and colors to shine and got an unexpected amount of “wow” factor as a result.

Talking about the “wow” factor, there were certain moments when the public enjoyed the not so wearable side of fashion.

Jeremy Scott did his thing and brought back the neon colors, transparent disco style and superhero capes. It was not something you can easily forget …or wear for that matter.

michael kors

Michael Kors celebrated his 30th showbiz anniversary with his amazing appearance at fashion week. With so many celebrity invites that attended the event, there is no wonder that the glamour factor went up a few notes.

calvin klein collection

Calvin Klein’s collection benefited from having in the front row – the most impressive collection of hunks among which the Jonas Brothers and Zac Effron were – just the jewels of the crowd.


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