London fashion week has many things to show for and the autumn – winter season of 2011 comes with many delightful surprises here.

Alice Temperly accustomed the fashion world with a very original approach towards the whole concept of vintage meets glamor.

This season brought to the catwalk a very interesting combination of textures and details that made Temperly worthy of a royal attention.

temperly collection

Temperley’s vision demonstrated that the opulence is back for the cold season of 2011. Their vision brought back a spectacular feminine air where class was defined by combination of textures, savant embroidered details and shinning glitter.

The combination of neutrals and black with complex layering of velvet and satin created the image of an independent woman, sexy to the last bone of her body.

Rich fabric, heavy lace and a sense of glamor out of regular patterns encouraging us to dream, underlined the best in the feminine nature.

temperly winter collection

Temperley created the lady air we loved about the 60’s and combined it with the originality of the modern attention for details.

New York will surely miss this fabulous brand after it filled its runways with glamor the last two years.


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