2011 spring does its best to conquer the hearts with amazing signs of feminine grace. As the 70’s are back to remind us of the delicate textures and fluid lines we loved so much, the full skirt is also back to compliment the female silhouette.

full skirts

Long, midi or short, fluid, delicate or ruffled the full skirt is out to prowl the streets this spring. We find this lovely and elegant fashion piece in the collections of all the significant designers.

Salvatore Ferragamo proposed the long oversized ruffles with elegant embroidered fabric and neutral colors. Proenza Schouler and Vena Cava introduced delicate lines, mid length overlaid fabric and contrastive colors while Marc Jacobs brought back the Lolita air.

spring skirts

The full skirt is all about underlining the beauty of the female shape. The layers of fabric make the legs look longer while the narrow waistline delicately underlines the torso.

The beauty of this item is that it fits perfectly high heels, platforms but also comfortable flats. You can wear it at the office, on a shopping spree or on a date.

Versatile and most of all delightfully girly, the full skirt is something ladies should not miss this upcoming season.


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