This season there is one word that describes the fashion scene: fur. Wearing fur clothes and accessories is now so popular that even the Hollywood stars can’t resist it. There is one accessory that has become an absolute must for the fashionistas: the trapper hat.

trapper hat

This is a typical winter hat, but when it is combined with fur, it turns into a modern and elegant accessory. In case you think you can’t combine the trapper hat with all types of outfits, think again.

This hat is stylish enough to be worn with an elegant trench coat or a knitted dress. If you are a fan of the sport-elegant style, then the trapper hat is the right accessory for you.


The latest collection of Asos is all about trapper hats combined with skinny jeans and knitted cardigans. If you want something different, check out Bloomingdales’s winter collection.

You will be amazed by their white fur trapper hats that surely can transform you to a Russian military goddess.

trapper hats

The animal prints are trendy too, so don’t hesitate to try out a trapper fur hat with leopard prints. The geometrical figures are very stylish, so if you want something really extravagant, take a look at the trapper hats beautified with geometrical prints.


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