Last year the 40’s style was more than fashionable, but no longer in 2011. Forget the dramatic style of the 40s and concentrate on the natural look of the 70s. The biggest designers have already turned for an inspiration from this decade.

Marc Jacobs is one of those designers that didn’t hesitate to refresh the 70’s style with his latest collection.

70s fashion

The flare jeans are part of this very artistic look, so upgrade your wardrobe with them. The hats are an absolute must, if you want to be modern.

Forget the black hats. Go for green, yellow and gray wide hats, for they are artistic and creative. The stripes in multiple colors are very modern, so experiment more with the colors, especially the orange ones. The long dresses are back to the fashion scene, and the high-waist skirts are preferable.

70s fashion trends

The shoes are also changed. The platform shoes are now a total hit, especially if they are sandals.

Another important accessory that reminds of the 70s is the big sunglasses. Go for red sunglasses, for they are modern and provocative. The fur is also welcome, so go for fur coats in red and green.

fashion trends

Check out Gucci’s latest collection for more 70s clothing.


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