The so called ski fashion has never been so glamorous like this season. The winter fashion is all about lavish fabrics, eccentric look and refined accessories.

In case you haven’t found the right ski equipment yet, here are some fashionable decisions that will refresh your wardrobe. The first thing you should do, when choosing coat or jacket is to ask for brighter colors.

ski fashion

Forget the stereotypical winter jackets in black or brown; go for pink puff jackets, white fur coats and of course long tailored coats in blue or neon green.

These are the absolute fashion musts of the year. The suede boots are also different. Go for light brown or grey velour suede boots. The cable leg warmers also should be in bright colors. Silver ones are perfect for women with an eccentric fashion sense.

suede boots

The cardigans are also an important part of the ski fashion. Check out Chloe’s latest collection, which is all about multi-colored cardigans. The wool tracksuit bottoms are a must, so go for them at Brown’s winter collection.

leather trousers

Cashmere is another lavish fabric that is in vogue this year. In case you want more style, go for cashmere swing cardigans. Zara’s ski fashion is all about fur winter hats, so don’t hesitate to add a white one to your winter look.


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