This winter the jackets are totally changed. The trend for wearing puffy jackets surely is not for everyone, but here are few advices on how to wear them without looking heavier.

puffy jackets

The puffy jackets are often preferred by the Hollywood stars, so take a look at the jackets that can really change your looks. Gap`s latest collection is all about puffy jackets in black, which can be worn by women in all figures.

puffy coats

The right combination to go with it would be boot-cut jeans or skinny jeans. They are perfect to wear with a puffy jacket.

In case you want something longer, go for a puffy coat. Grey ones are very modern, especially if you combine them with grey trousers and a pair of flats. The puffy vests are also very fashionable, so don’t hesitate to upgrade your wardrobe with them. Go for blue or white puffy vest, for they are modern and will also keep you warm.

red puffy jacket

The red long puffy coats are also among the trendiest coats this winter. You can check out Diesel`s latest collection, where you can find puffy jackets combined with fur collars. They look sporty, elegant and innovative.


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