We are half way through winter and the fashion loving friends among us are eagerly waiting for the spring/summer collection of fashion statements for their feet. No doubt the summer footwear is not only more comfortable but also helps show off lovely legs and manicured feet.

spring shoe

The flavor of the season includes the popular animal prints that have now found their way to beautiful feet. Available in various prints like Dalmatian, leopard, zebra, tiger and even unusual ones like hare or giraffe. The peep toe and strappy footwear are a welcome change after the boots and closed shoes of the cold season.

spring shoes

Soft pastel colors that make your feet look elegant are a great choice. Neutral colors like black, brown, beige and white are just right to save you from tricky occasions when one is not too sure about the choice of footwear color.

Official footwear includes sturdy and practical slip-ons in feminine colors and prints and in neutral tones. The spring/summer trends include a large variety of heels ranging from high heels, wedges, platforms and clogs to flats and oxfords.

spring shoes

Choose according to the occasion and your comfort. Some of the high heels are supported by platforms to add height without the discomfort, so that one no longer has to sacrifice comfort to stay in fashion.

spring summer shoes

Choose footwear that is an extension of your personality. Add more character to your style with the latest Spring/Summer collection. It should not be very difficult to do.


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